Gatlinburg Comedy Tours will soon be offering private walking tours in Gatlinburg. We want to accommodate those travelers that are looking to experience the Smokies in the safest way possible. This is the perfect option for families or groups that want to enjoy their vacation with the ones they love. Private groups can have up to 10 members, so you can invite the WHOLE family! Each tour will include funny stories, observations, and even, a little Gatlinburg history along the way. Imagine seeing Gatlinburg through the eyes of a local. You’ll also get discounts at some amazing attractions in the Smoky Mountains. It’s a win-win. Here are ways our private tours in Gatlinburg are a safe option: 

Outdoor Walking 

Our tours take place primarily outdoors. We will pop into a couple of places here and there, but we will be walking outside for most of the tour. This will limit your exposure to crowded indoor spaces. Instead, you’ll get to see the amazing Smoky Mountain views as we go from one stop to the next. It’s a great way to enjoy downtown Gatlinburg and see a few new sights along the way. 

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Limited Exposure to Large Crowds 

There are a few stops on our tours in Gatlinburg that are hidden gems. That means there won’t be large crowds visiting the spot. We will try our best to limit your exposure to large groups of people while you’re on the tour. We know what time of day is best so that the places we visit aren’t too busy. Usually, we say the more the merrier, but in this case….friends and family are better. You always have the option not to go inside any locations we visit.

Enjoy Our Private Tours in Gatlinburg With People You Know

You won’t have to worry about being in close proximity to people you don’t know. When you book one of our private tours in Gatlinburg, you can select the people you want to walk around with. You can have peace of mind that your close friends and family are the only ones taking the tour with you. Groups can have between 6-10 people in them, so you can decide who to invite. 

Looking for a safe way to vacation? Gatlinburg Comedy Tours has great options for you. Book one of our private tours in Gatlinburg for your next Smoky Mountain trip!