Q: What is a Gatlinburg Comedy Tour?

A: Great question! We are a walking tour covering the downtown strip of Gatlinburg, TN! We laugh and have fun, visit all the hotspots and some hidden treasures, and give you all the information you need about restaurants, bars, attractions, shopping, and much much more!

Q: How long does the tour last?

A: We have 2 types of tours. The family friendly lasts approximately 90 minutes, while the 21 and Up Tours typically last around 2 hours.

Q: Do you offer private tours?

A: Yes! For groups of 6 or more, we can offer a tailored private tour based on your preferences!

Q: Are there any extra costs involved once we have bought tickets?

A: That's totally up to you! We might do a tasting here or there and on the 21 and Up Tours, any beverages or food is not included in the tour price. However, we do get a lot of great discounts, so feel free to take advantage of them while on the tour!

Q: Where do the tours start?

A: We are making some changes to the tour this year (way more fun!), and are going to have multiple starting points. We will inform you upon reservation where your tour will start. 

Q: Is there parking?

A: For some tours, free parking will be available. For others, we will be very close to multiple parking lots that you would need to pay for. All tours will begin on the strip, however, so access will be easy!

Q: How much walking is involved?

A: Typically, the tours cover over a mile. However, some of the new tours will be confined to a smaller area with more stops. 

Q: Do the tours go in the mountains?

A: No. We aren't in good enough shape to take you that far.

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