Looking to take the whole family on an exciting vacation to the Smokies? There are so many amazing sights to see and things to do in Gatlinburg! How can you fit all of these things into one activity? That’s where we come in! 

At Gatlinburg Comedy Tours, we offer a 90-minute family-friendly walking tour for kids of all ages! This is a great way to see some awesome Gatlinburg spots, get exclusive discounts, and enjoy laughs along the way. We will explore the best shops, attractions, restaurants, and more! Our tours are one of the best family activities in Gatlinburg, TN. Here’s why: 

1. Tasty treats and samples

It wouldn’t be a proper vacation to the Smokies if you didn’t fill your belly with lots of sugary treats…now would it? On our family tour, we visit stores that give out free samples like All Sauced Up. You’ll also be able to buy some treats from Aunt Mahalia’s homemade candy store. The kids will love getting to try all these delicious goodies. It’ll give them a sugar rush that is sure to power them through the rest of the tour. 

2. Enjoy wholesome family activities in Gatlinburg, TN

Our tour is one of the best for kids because we also include fun games for them to play during the tour. We understand that sometimes kids are hard to entertain. That’s why we’ve added these fun family games to try and keep them engaged in the tour. We want the kids to have a good time so the parents can enjoy themselves too!

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3. Memories that last a lifetime

Each year, lots of families plan their vacation to Gatlinburg. It’s a time where they can create long-lasting memories with the ones they love. On our tour, you can take photos with your friends and loved ones. The Gatlinburg landmarks that we visit are perfect for pictures. Going on our tour with your family is a memory that you’ll cherish for years to come! 

4. Learn about Gatlinburg history

Teach your children about the history of Gatlinburg! Our walking tours include funny stories, fun observations, and Gatlinburg history and folklore (some of which may be completely made up on the spot!). It’s a great way to brush up on some Smoky Mountain history. 

5. Unique vacation experience 

Where else can you visit Gatlinburg classics like The Village or the Donut Friar? Gatlinburg Comedy Tours has put together a tour itinerary that has a little something for everyone. This makes it a unique vacation experience for the whole family. You’ll get to see a new side of Gatlinburg with hidden gems and funny stories along the way. No other tour in Gatlinburg can give you the same experience!

Ready to book one of the best family activities in Gatlinburg, TN? Buy your tickets for our family-friendly Gatlinburg walking tour today