Bears are a beloved symbol of the Smokies. You can see them all over Gatlinburg as plushies, on T-shirts, and even as pieces of pottery. But, there have been plenty of people that have seen these Smoky Mountain creatures wandering around town in person. Gatlinburg Comedy Star Alex Stokes is one of those people! Alex was so inspired by the bear who was seen around Gatlinburg and even made the TV news that he decided to write a children’s book called, “The City Bear in the Smokies.” We are so proud that the founder of Gatlinburg Comedy Tours has created such an amazing story. The book also talks about bear safety, which is very important around these parts. That’s why when you go on our Gatlinburg walking tour, you can hear all about Jeff the Bear! 

In the book, Jeff the Bear makes a stop at Aunt Mahalia’s homemade candy store. Who doesn’t love Aunt Mahalia’s? This Gatlinburg treasure features some of the most delicious candy in town. That’s why it is also one of the stops on our Gatlinburg walking tour.  From their heavenly fudge and pecan brittles to their caramel pecan nests and luscious pecan logs, you’d have to be a NUT to not find something you love at Aunt Mahalia’s. This is just one of the great stops on our tour!

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Our Gatlinburg Walking Tour Also Includes: 

When you go on a tour with us, you get to laugh your way around town at one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States! We’ll show you the best spots in town to get grub and where to buy those tacky souvenir T-shirts you know your dad will love. We make stops at: 

  • All Sauced Up: If you’re a sauce lover, then you’re going to LOVE when we make a stop at All Sauced Up. They offer 150 different samples ranging from barbeque sauces, salsas, jams and jellies, salad dressings, gourmet peanut butter, and many more.
  • Ole Smoky Mountain Moonshine: It wouldn’t be a trip to the Smoky Mountains without a stop at Ole Smoky Mountain Moonshine. The 21 and up tour makes a stop here with plenty of free samples as long as you bring your ID. 
  • Tennessee Homemade Wines: Our 21 and up tour features a stop at Tennessee Homemade Wines complete with samples of some of the finest wine in the Smokies. 
  • The Village in Gatlinburg: This is the stop for all you shoppers out there! The shops at the Village are unique making it a great place for visitors to check out. 

Ready to explore Gatlinburg and have some laughs along the way? Check out our Gatlinburg walking tour schedule and buy your tickets today!